Interaktivní porady ve firmě skrze prezentační zařízení a video konference

Interactive meetings

Beyond doubt, brainstorming is the best known method for creative group thinking. But how to enliven it and make it even more exciting? The SMART Meeting Pro software makes use of the advantages of a digital flipchart and, thanks to its unrestricted area, limitless visual associations can be created, as they evolve during a team brainstorming discussion. 

  • Our offer includes three interactive LCDs with image diagonals of 55” (140 cm), 70” (178 cm) and 84” (213 cm), image format 16:9 and a fullHD 1080p resolution. Our interactive 84” (213 cm) display can also have a resolution of 4K, our interactive board a diagonal of 87” (221 cm) and a 16:10 image format. 
  • Included are also integrated speakers intended for audio systems and detection of presence in the room.  Thanks to presence detection, the display automatically turns on when motion is identified in the room. On the contrary, when no motion is detected, it goes off automatically.
  • To enhance your teamwork and make all the participants involved, you will be able to use the SMART Meeting Pro software, by means of which visual content can be created easily and efficiently for the purpose of meetings, workshops or operative brainstorming. In addition, you will obtain a year’s subscription of the Software Maintenance including technical support and new versions.
  • Do not forget to train your employees for working with your SMART interactive display or board and with the SMART Meeting Pro software. The initial training takes 90 minutes and is provided by a specialized consultant certified for SMART interactive technologies.

interactive collaboration


We always try to find the best solution meeting the needs of every individual customer. We offer partnerships aimed at ongoing development.


Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable for smaller areas, while SMART Podium displays are more appropriate for larger rooms.

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