Operational departments of FRS CR

At the end of June 2015, two newly furnished facilities of the operational and information centres have been handed over to the General Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.


Modern emergency management

Integrated Security Centre in the Moravian-Silesian Region interconnects emergency communication between the police, fire brigades, rescuers and citizens.


Up to date traffic information

Traffic accidents cannot be foreseen. When they occur, an early warning may have a value of saved human lives.


Efficient collaboration in case of floods

Communication by image from the location of emergency event has a key importance for notification and forecasting services.

Integrovaný záchranný systém používá Datavis pro přenos obrazu a zvuku z místa postižení. Hasičský záchranný sbor, zdravotnické záchranné služby a policie

Integrated emergency system is even faster

The integrated emergency system must be as fast as possible. Thanks to recent technologies, emergency and post-emergency activities can be far more efficient. That is why fire brigades, health emergency services and the police use a system intended for their interactive collaboration.

  • Emergency interventions are aimed at providing first aid to people in danger and at an efficient handling of emergency situations. During the intervention, all the teams involved need to be effective in their mutual communication and share up-to-date information with other specialists.
  • This can be provided by the DATAVIS solution offered by AV MEDIA. It involves data-video-interactive collaboration, by means of which visual and audio information from the place of emergency can be shared.
  • Moreover, emergency services can use AV technologies and the DATAVIS solution to work with maps, into which real-time remarks can be inserted. This type of interactivity has the utmost importance in coordination of emergency interventions.

Integrated security centre


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Data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. It should be used when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCD monitors.

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