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PASCO classroom at Tusarova elementary school

The Tusarova elementary school in Prague has a top level interactive classroom intended for natural sciences equipped with specialized furniture and PASCO systems.


Habrmanova elementary school, Česká Třebová

At Habrmanova elementary school, sensors intended for experiments are used predominantly by students, supporting their interest in natural sciences.


PASCO at Josef Ressel Grammar School

The Josef Ressel Grammar School in Chrudim possesses a fully equipped physics lab. Experiments with PASCO systems are performed by both teachers and students.

Školní třída určená k výuce chemie, fyziky a přírodních věd

Natural sciences and robotics in an interesting and practical way

Natural sciences can be difficult and uninteresting for many students. It is mainly caused by the education system that makes pupils sit by their desks and learn theoretically about things that can be taught in a much more attractive way

  • Physics, chemistry, biology and ecology are interesting sciences that often seem too abstract and complex to the students. How can we change it? Teaching natural sciences with a research approach! The pupil acquires and develops knowledge, skills and different attitudes towards the functioning of natural laws by an interesting and attractive form. In addition, such learning demonstrably supports good relationships and classroom collaboration.
  • The Measuring System PASCO or the building kits LEGO Education and VEX Robotics develop the core skills of pupils and students.
  • Worldwide, the trend of robotics, coding, or gamification is steadily increasing in education. The meaning of robotics as a support tool for teaching (not only) technical fields in schools cannot be doubted. In addition to the educational value, it helps to develop soft motor skills, logical thinking, pupils' creativity in finding alternative solutions, their creative abilities, imagination and fantasy.
  • A stable, accessible and secure network infrastructure with sufficient connectivity is needed for the smooth and reliable operation of ICT in schools.

PASCO in action


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Interactive SMART board brings new opportunities to teaching. It is integrated with a computer and touch-sensitive. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make it easy.

Interactive LCDs are coming to the Czech classrooms. The main advantage over an interactive board or interactive projector is lower operating costs.

Unlike interactive whiteboards, the entire technology is hidden in the display so you can project onto any whiteboard.

Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable for smaller areas, while SMART Podium displays are more appropriate for larger rooms.

Interactive SMART Table and interactive SmartCubes are devices supporting collaboration and developing children’s communication skills. They are suitable for kindergartens and lower primary schools.

LEGO and VEX as a support for technical education in schools.

Interactive SMART Board flat displays are new to the market. They have a brighter picture, greater resolution and no shielding.

Projection screens are an inseparable part of any data projector installation. The projection surface directs light from the projector to the spectator, enhancing image brightness and contrast.

A data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. Data projector should be applied when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCDs.

Data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. It should be used when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCD monitors.

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