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Papp Laszlo sport arena mapping

Six 30,000 lumen projectors created a remarkable show during the EHF Final 4 Women's Handball Championship in Budapest.


Beautiful fashion show took place in the Budapest Intercontintal hotel

Brill AV, the Hungarian member of oneAVteam, made a special event for Sloggi which combined the company's meeting with a fashion show.


The new Aero aircraft is back in action

The AV MEDIA team has prepared an original show full of surprises and modern technologies for the Aero Company.

Innogy_1_Výroční tisková konference 2017_038

Innogy’s first press conference

The Innogy Company organized its first press conference after its rebranding. The key solution was a LED screen with a 2.8 mm pixel pitch.


EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Czech Republic

The seventeenth EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards has been held at Žofín Palace in Prague. This year was absolutely innovative in terms of technology.


Rapülők Concert in Budapest

Brill AV, our Hungarian partner company, created an incredible stage with 240 square meters of LED screens for a rap concert by Rapülők.



Nearly 13,000 employees of Česká spořitelna gathered in Prague’s O2 Arena where the CONCEPT LINE agency prepared an unforgettable afternoon for them with Lucie Bílá, Vojta Dyk, Chinaski and many other performers.


Does the future belong to millennials?

We look for solutions that create an energy-efficient world in our business, and strive to improve conditions that affect our health. Energy performance may be lower, while living comfort higher.

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