AV MEDIA once again became a proud partner of the Gloria Musaealis competition

’The 19th year of the Gloria Musaealis National Museum Competition took place from January 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021, having been jointly announced by the Ministry of Culture, the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic, and ICOM Czech Republic. Despite the pandemic crisis, 56 museums and galleries participated, with a total of 98 projects, which was the second highest number in the history of the competition.

The 2020 Museum Exhibition of the Year was the strongest category (40 projects), followed by the categories of 2020 Museum Publication of the Year (33 projects) and 2020 Museum Achievement of the Year (25 projects).’

Association of Museums and Galleries

The launch ceremony took place on Thursday, June 17, in the premises of the Municipal House. Watch a video of the award ceremony.

The project of ‘Těšín Regional Museum (“Reconstruction of the museum’s exhibition building and a new exhibition display The Story of Těšín Silesia”)’ won a beautiful second place in the Museum Achievement of the Year category. More about the project here

You can view the results of all categories here.