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The PASCO measurement system develops key skills in students. This includes the digital skills newly introduced in the current update of the Framework of Primary Education. It has a specialised set of measuring probes, sensors and experimental accessories for various science subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics or environmental education. Interactive education encourages efficient use of time and student activity in the classroom. Students can compare assumptions with real measurement results. They work with graphs and present the results of their work.

PASCO's sensors are not only used to measure and observe scientific phenomena and to analyze data from experiments. We can now extend this pure science approach to a whole new - computer based - dimension of teaching so that teaching really takes the form of the now much inflected acronym STE(A)M teaching. Thanks to the possibility of combining the measurement system and coding (programming), we can create code in Blockly at any time and use the data from PASCO sensors as inputs to a functional algorithm. This fully corresponds to the requirements of the revision of the Framework of Primary Education and the 'new informatics'. 


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