To make it comfortable for the lecturers to teach

It starts with equipping the department with connection points for more comfortable work of lecturers with analogue and digital signals. All they have to do is come in, plug in their laptop without looking for the right cables somewhere under the table, and they can start lecturing.

They will appreciate having a SMART Podium interactive presentation display or an all-in-one touchscreen computer. It serves not only as a preview of the projected content, but above all it allows them to control the presentation comfortably by touch, enter notes directly into it or mark important points. And everything the presenters create on the touch panel is simultaneously displayed on the large screens installed. In smaller classrooms, the use of a large interactive display instead of a conventional projection has proved to be a good solution.

It is recommended to add a document camera to the equipment for capturing printed documents, foils or smaller objects. Nowadays, a camera for recording or transmitting a lecture is becoming a classroom standard.


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