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Successful exposition tells a story like a great movie

A space analysis defines the basic facts, goals and expectations, including the development of an emotional curve that defines the atmosphere and emotions associated with each place visitors stop. It also addresses the scenario of the concept of the space itself and the so-called axonometry. The resulting analysis is the cornerstone of the new exhibition and serves as the basis for a comprehensive study of the exhibition. 


Your ideas will become reality

The output of the study is a document that describes in detail the exhibition space and the exhibitions themselves, down to the level of detailed descriptions of individual parts and stops. The document is not limited to the artistic side of things, but also addresses the detailed description of the technology, materials and the impression that the part is meant to present. The complete study clearly and concisely expresses the "spirit of the exposition", the description of the systems, technologies and the visual side of things. 

3.Set design

Creating stories and emotions

Set design is an integral part of every study because it creates a bond between the visitor and the exhibition. It is an ideal tool to customize the exhibit to make it more memorable and a unique way to present the content. Set design is part of the story and enhances the narrative theme.


The foundation for successful implementation

The project documentation serves as a foundation for the implementation and clearly defines the scope, functionality, connections to other professions, the necessary construction readiness and the expected volume of investment costs. As part of a comprehensive exhibition solution, we prepare project documentation of AV technology and the interior part of the exhibition for our customers. 


Bringing the exhibition to life

The key to any successful exhibition is engaging content based on a precisely developed scenario for the individual audiovisual exhibits. The script is created based on a libretto put together by expert staff. The libretto is a kind of theme for the script, which strives for a clear depiction of the atmosphere, vivid visualisation, clarity and entertainment. Our animators develop the script into a storyboard and translate it into sketches that confirm its accuracy. The result is incorporated into the content production sheets that are part of the project documentation. 

6.School inside of a museum

Škola v muzeu
We combine school lessons with a visit to the museum exhibition

In cooperation with our lecturers, primary and secondary school teachers, we develop digital teaching materials (DTMs) that students work with in class. The materials are designed to match the curriculum for primary and secondary school students. At the same time, they are related to the theme of the exhibition. A breakthrough educational system is ClassVR, which uses both virtual and augmented reality. 

7.Operational care

We are thinking of you and your visitors

We aim to design and implement immersive modern exhibitions that are also reliable. That's why we say that our work doesn't end with the implementation. We provide comprehensive services in remote management, preventive maintenance, prophylaxis, AV assistance.


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