The 20th POL POINT was opened in July

At the beginning of July, the management of the Central Bohemian Police, together with Regional Governor Petra Pecková, opened the 20th anniversary Pol Point – a police point that allows citizens to communicate with the police without the physical presence of a police officer. It was opened right in the first courtyard of the Křivoklát castle, in the same building where the Nakřivo Gallery and a stonemason are also located.

The opening ceremony at the Křivoklát Castle was attended by General Václav Kučera, Director of the Regional Police Directorate of the Central Bohemian Region and the author of the project, Deputy Police President for Economy, Col. Michal Keřka, Governor of the Central Bohemian Region Petra Pecková, representatives from the General Directorate of the National Monument Institute of the Czech Republic, but also representatives of AV MEDIA, a.s., CISCO and Alef Nula, technology suppliers.

”We welcome this service at the castle. The police is a trustworthy institution and Pol Point will add even more security to the castle,” said the castle manager Petr Slabý. Citizens can communicate (or obtain) information important for criminal or other proceedings via video conference, either directly at the police facility or at municipal or city offices.” 

Source FRYČOVÁ, Renáta, RAPORT. CZ: Policejní bod nyní i na Křivoklátě (Police point now also available at Křivoklát).  [on line] [cit. August 05, 2021].   Available at: Raport - Monitora