The world of work has undergone a big change in recent years, and the hybrid model has become an irreversible part of the lives of each of us. One of the biggest challenges in this area is maintaining a corporate culture without having to experience and interact only in the office.

HOW to properly design workspaces for hybrid purposes. HOW to choose meaningful technologies for hybrid communication, collaboration and active creative engagement? Not only these questions will be answered at an experiential event under the name New corporate culture in the hybrid world.


The exceptional event will take place on October 20, 2022, in two time slots – from 8:30am and 12:30 at the AV MEDIA SYSTEMS premises at Pražská 63.

As the organizer of the event, we set ourselves the GOAL to explain WHY workspaces and offices are really important for people, but only on the condition that employers know WHAT the spaces should offer to people specifically and HOW they can practically use them during their work. 

You can look forward to several speakers who will focus on three areas – PEOPLE, SPACES, TECHNOLOGY as part of the introduction of the hybrid model. The first of them, Tomáš Talaš, who works as Head of Employees Services Human Resource in Komerční banka, will focus on WHY it is necessary to develop a new corporate culture in a hybrid world – thanks to the smart office.

”People need to learn new skills, change existing work habits and be able to think about what they really need. Simply put, define priorities at work and in personal life better. At the same time, they must get to know how and for what to use modern communication technologies,” Talaš explains his topic.

Next, Martina Šmidochová and Roman Šuk will be introduced and will deal with HOW to lead and motivate high-performing hybrid teams at a time when people demand more flexibility and more prioritize their health. The field of spaces for hybrid purposes will be represented by Daniel Krška, Dealer Business Manager of Steelcase. Jiří Plátek, Workplace Design Specialist at AV MEDIA SYSTEMS, will present interesting solutions for the choice of meaningful technologies for hybrid communication, collaboration and active creative involvement of employees.

In addition to interesting conversations, the event will also offer a space for discussions, a tour of other workspaces for focused work, collaboration and informal or ad-hoc meetings. All talks and presentations will be informed by the latest research and insights from customers who are changing corporate culture in the hybrid workplace. For more information about the event, visit their website, where you can also fill out the registration form.

We look forward to meeting you.