Over the past two years, we have undergone a change in working habits. Due to the pandemic, employees have had to move from offices to homes.

They are currently switching to a hybrid mode of work. Some people work in the office, some people work from home and some work from anywhere as needed. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the right technology not only for the work of an individual from the desk, but also for small teams in smaller meeting rooms.

Primary requirements for functionality still apply, but being able to hear and see well is no longer enough. In a hybrid model, everything must work perfectly. From the high-quality resolution and intelligence of the cameras, to the masking of unwanted sounds generated around you, to simple user control.

Hybrid solutions by Poly

A discreet and high-quality USB camera with additional functions for the home office. Poly Studio P5

Premium all-in-one USB bar combining 4K camera, speaker, microphones and other functions. Poly Studio P15

All in one: camera, quality speaker, microphone, wireless charger and ambient lighting. Just connect the laptop and you have everything you need. Poly Studio P21

Put an end to the disturbing sound around you during work calls and enjoy listening to your favourite music in high quality. Poly Voyager 4320 UC

USB speakerphone for personal use, huddle rooms or small rooms. Speakerphone does not have to be boring. It offers high-quality music reproduction and the connection of multiple devices. Poly Sync 20, 40 and 60

Whatever you choose, AV MEDIA SYSTEMS as a certified Poly Gold Partner can reliably advise, inspire and present practically everything in the form of an experience. At the same time, we can design your HYBRID MEETING ROOM.

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