As part of the Cinema Next Group, we installed the first PLF (Premium Large Format) hall in the Czech Republic

Hall number 9, which until now had the reputation of being a hall with the best Dolby Atmos sound system in our country, is now the first in the Czech Republic to boast the Sphera Cinema concept, whose platform is Premium Large Format (PLF). CineStar called this unique hall, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the country, Theatre Deluxe (TDL). 

An inherent feature of this solution is HDR EclairColor, offering higher contrast and greater colour depth in the image. There is also a 4K RGB laser projector and a giant 19-metre screen. As part of the installation, we also supplied and installed 368 new VIP reclining seats covered with anti-reflection material.

The first cinema corresponding to this concept was opened in Athens, Greece, in September 2017.

The hall was already completed in April, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CineStar opened it only now, with the first big Hollywood film Tenet.

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