Social distancing

Nureva microphone array with a speaker and the patented Microphone Mist technology offers a simple way to perfectly cover an entire room where people can move or sit safely.

Natural group meetings

Many conventional technologies require users to follow certain rules to change behaviour in meeting rooms (where exactly people should sit, which way they should face, or not all speaking at the same time, etc.) so that their voice could be heard well even by remote participants. The Nureva microphone array with a speaker is a simple solution that allows all team members to speak completely naturally, the way they are used to.

Perfect sound even for large spaces

Covering large or open spaces with microphone arrays using conventional audio systems can be difficult and expensive. With Nureva, you can easily cover spaces up to 30x50 meters in size for a fraction of the purchase costs compared to traditional systems.

Preparing for the next change

If a new situation requires you to reconfigure your workspace, Nureva simply adapts. There is no need to modify the system or install new components: automatic calibration sets everything up for you.

Easy installation

You simply hang the Nureva audio microphone array with speaker on the wall with two screws. Subsequent calibration is completely automatic.

A single system for all spaces

Some conventional systems require different types of microphones, speakers and other components. You may be forced to adjust the settings for each room separately. With Nureva, one system works for almost any space.