At the beginning of September 2022, the opening ceremony of new exhibition displays took place in the premises of the Cyril Methodist Centre, on which we had the opportunity to collaborate. If you want to experience a unique story and get a feel of history, do not hesitate to visit the new multimedia exhibition The Story of Constantine and Methodius and the unique haptic trail The Uherské Hradiště Region in Prehistoric Times.

The national cultural monument, the Great Moravian Memorial – Cyril and Methodius Centre, will thus become an imaginary showcase of the created and certified European cultural trail. Both objects, which exceed the borders of the region in terms of the scope of the findings presented, will offer three exhibitions. The current exhibition The Great Moravia shows not only the foundations of the cemetery church from the 9th century, but also the graves and archaeological finds. In addition to the two newly opened exhibitions, The Uherské Hradiště Region in Prehistoric Times and The Story of Constantine and Methodius, the multimedia exhibition will also present a unique haptic trail.

You can take a look at the new premises in Events, at 52:08.

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