The new cultural and social centre is coming to life

’Sunday, September 26, 2021, will go down as an extraordinary day in the history of the municipality of Horní Lideč. The locals had the opportunity to see for the first time the interior of the newly built cultural and social centre of the town and the exhibition display, all under the name of Nature’s Vault.’ More information here

Source: -lm-: Region Valašsko (Wallachian Region): News: Trezor přírody v Horní Lidči začíná psát svou historii. Bude multifunkční. (Nature’s Vault in Horní Lideč starts writing its history. Multi-functional.) [online] September 29, 2021. Available at:

On the topic of the new exhibition, ČT24 brought an interview with Mr. Tkadlec, the mayor of Horní Lideč. You can watch the interview here at 3:17:00

Source: iVysílání: Studio ČT24: [online] September 26, 2021. Available at