Have you decided for VEX robot kits or are you currently considering the purchase? For us, cooperation does not end with the sale, we will guide you through robotics step by step. As part of your VEX purchase, you also get free training (1 VEX kit = free training for 1 teacher). Training takes place in three successive phases.

Go through the steps below and you can start teaching robotics with VEX. It is not necessary to have any previous experience with robotics, even absolute beginners can do it. But even experienced programmers can find handy tips here.

1. Video tutorials – basic introduction to the VEX robotic kit (20 minutes, online)

VEX GO video tutorials

VEX GO video tutorials

VEX IQ video tutorials

2. Webinar – basic training for use in teaching (2 x 90 minutes, online)

Selection of dates and registration: Education – VeŠkole.cz (veskole.cz)

Before the webinar, please go through the mentioned video tutorials, unpack and follow the tutorials to prepare the robotic kit (charge, update, pair…). During the webinar, the lecturer will follow up on the videos and you will already be working with ready-to-use CHARGED kits. Please note that during the webinar there is no time to linger over unpacking or updating, and if you do not have the kits ready, unfortunately you will not be able to try coding and other work with the robot. Therefore, please take the time to prepare so that the webinar makes sense to you and you acquire the necessary skills.  

3. Face-to-face course – use of the robotic kit at school (4 × 45 minutes, face-to-face)

Selection of dates and registration: Education – VeŠkole.cz (veskole.cz)

The face-to-face course follows up on and further develops the skills acquired in the webinar, explains more complex functions, and above all emphasizes practical training.

The prepared guidance materials and tasks will also help you integrate VEX in your lessons: Instructions – VeŠkole.cz (veskole.cz)


In case of questions, contact us at skoleni@avmedia.cz

We wish you many interesting and fun hours with VEX!