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Helena Slavikova | 9. 12. 2015


From January 2016, we will have 250 m2 of Absen A3 Pro LED screens, which is one of the preferred products for the Western market, and is ideal for any indoor use, whether for exhibitions, fairs, concerts, conferences, theme parks or live TV.

Absen A3 Pro LED modules offers unparalleled quality at an affordable price – a perfect display of detail, high ramp rate applications for television, high quality materials used for quick installation, easy handling, certified for operation in the EU and a pixel distance of just 3.9 mm. A LED wall can be assembled into different sized modules.

Absen A3 Pro LED modules

  • 50 m2 located in our warehouses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We recognize the complexity of logistics, so we have deployed our LED walls to fulfil our clients’ requirements
  • from all over Central Europe.
  • basic measurements of 1 module is 500×500 mm
  • weight of 1 module is only 9.2 kg
  • pixel pitch of only 3,9 mm
  • Full HD resolution still in screen sizes around 7.5 × 4.2 m
  • unrivalled image quality at lower brightness levels (which is sometimes a necessity in a darkened pavilion)
  • thanks to high-speed scanning (up to 2000 frames per second), it can also be used for live TV
  • unique detail in shades of grey (a necessary condition for a quality video image)
  • product is suitable for broadcast
  • certified for operation in EU
  • screens can be hung, stand on the ground or integrated into an exhibition stand
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