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Immersive show with new laser effects by MINUIT UNE!

Petra Fialová | 28. 11. 2019

AV MEDIA EVENTS come with new unique solutions for a lighting show for events.

A revolutionary solution in the field of laser effects was brought to the market by the French company MINUIT UNE! Despite the fact, the purchase price of this lighting technology is high, we decided to buy these unique laser solutions and enter the market of events as the first one in the Czech Republic. The devices perfectly fit any mid-size event up to 5 000 participants and that is the segment, we are in.  

So, what will the IVL LIGHTING bring to you? WOW effect, which no one will overlook! Our creative technicians can design immersive lighting effects and that is the main advantage of this product. The light show excites truly everyone. You don’t have to order anymore any additional and extensive lighting technology to provide the same emotion.  

Simply said, it is an intelligent light, which fills up the space with light effects by using laser ray and moving mirrors. We can create endless effects thanks to the unique construction of the device, which allows us to go beyond your imagination. Fascinating and unique 3D experience is enhanced by fog, which is necessary to operate the device. You can choose from the preset effects, but if you want to create unforgettable show, our lighting designers will compose original effects for you. The programming can be done directly at the event, using lighting control desk. So, you even get involved in the design preparations! The system doesn’t need pre-production work.  

With the IVL LIGHTING product, your event will be immersive. We don’t see using this technology only at the music show and concerts, but we are sure, this lighting will underline your event in any place, where you organize a gala evening, party, fashion show, awards ceremony and more.  

Now, we have available up to 6 devices with square plexiglass cover. Additionally, we can change  them in pyramid shapes, which give you another design solution, that simulates a gem or simply a pyramid, from which the laser rays are firing.  

We are looking forward providing you with the first “wow” experience these devices will bring to your event!  

For more information visit the manufacture website HERE.

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