Thanks to our affiliated company YVENTECH, a new DICENTIS wireless conference system has been added to our rentals warehouse.

The innovative DICENTIS wireless conference system uses the latest technology, standard Wi-Fi interfaces and intelligent management of wireless connections, ensuring an uninterrupted wireless conference. This is currently the most flexible wireless conference system that allows for holding quick and easy small meetings and large conferences and creates their schedule.

  • The standard Wi-Fi technology allows interoperability with other Wi-Fi networks.
  • Intelligent management of wireless connectivity ensures uninterrupted wireless conference.
  • Wireless devices with touch screens and built-in reader chip with NFC technology ensures participants have the most enjoyable experience from meetings and offers future expansion possibilities.
  • 100% wireless connection provides easy configuration and control without the need for a router.
  • Integrated OMNEO architecture allows future expansion of DCN multimedia systems.

 Information used is from the official product list of conference systems.