And we have arrived at the last stop of our studio tour. In the previous parts, you had the opportunity to see our LED studio, but also the green field, namely the GREEN SCREEN studio. You have had a peek behind the curtain of our director’s room. Now we are arriving at the last part, which is no longer as tangible as the previous ones. We will introduce event applications that will make your work easier, keep visitors or clients busy and provide you with all the important data after the event.

Why an event application?

It can serve as a microsite, a registration application, a repository of information, presentations, records, or for the presentation of partners. Through the platform, you send invitations to visitors, unite participants, including their involvement during the event, and gain control over who visits your online or hybrid event . 

List of participants in one place

If you want to keep track of the visitors of your event, just collect all the data in our application. How? You have several options:

  • Available registration form – The visitor registers himself/herself.
  • Creating a code – One code or thousands of codes, depending on the number of visitors. Distribution remains up to you.
  • We can upload the data – We will receive email addresses from you and make sure that each participant receives an invitation and registration data for the application.
  • Open event without registration – Anyone can visit the online event.

Safety first

Under one email (or code), only one person from one device can watch the broadcast. We can set a limit of simultaneously connected devices for each login option. This limit can be set for one device, two, three, or there is no need to limit them. This eliminates the risk of sending access to more people. Only invited guests will appear at the event.

oneAVstream – application to meet your desires

You can adjust the structure of the application to best suit your requirements. Do not worry if the endless options make your head spin, we also have pre-set templates to make your choice easier.

What can be changed:

  • Background
  • Contents
  • Labels
  • Entire structure of the page

There is also a signpost in the application, allowing easy navigation for your clients. Rubrics are most often used. Which ones should you not miss?

  • Timetable
  • Presenters
  • Documents for download
  • Agenda
  • About us
  • Partners


oneAVstream is bilingual for now. Various links and videos can also be inserted here, with which you can enrich your visitors.

But the application is not only about the D-Day on which the broadcast will take place. You can also use it before and after the broadcast. During that time, we will set up a loop, for example, or a recording of the previous event on the main page instead of the live broadcast. Before the event, you can prepare the audience for the agenda that awaits them in the video, and after it you can thank the sponsors and visitors for their participation. 

Before the actual broadcast, we will prepare a countdown for you so that everyone can come to your event on time.

Questions, answers and interaction with the audience

Slido is integrated into the application. It is possible to ask questions of the speakers, create polls for the audience or use any other functionalities.

Know your audience

You can collect all the important data about visitors. You will find out if they watched your video, how long they spent watching it and which texts or links they clicked.

What can you learn from the data?

  • How many registered people have logged in
  • Whether they saw your video / live stream and how long they watched it
  • Whether they clicked the hyperlinks you placed in the application

You can find more information on oneAVstream HERE.

Second option: Meeting15

An application that is not directly ours, but we participate in its development and exclusively represent it.

It has different functionalities than oneAVstream. How is it different?

  • Graphically it is not so customizable
  • Voting windows can be set as pop-ups, so they better keep the viewer’s attention
  • In the application there are integrated games, which you can use to engage viewers in the agenda
  • It is multilingual

You can scroll in the application. You can divide the audience into individual sheets - halls. Alternatively, if your event is multi-day, you can divide the sheets into individual days and make it easier for visitors to navigate. We can personalize all content and thus ensure unique content for each individual or group of visitors

Third option: Virtual stands and trade fair

An online fair will provide you with a great user experience. No matter what obstacle prevents you from organizing a real trade fair, you will certainly not deprive your customers or clients of the experience in the online environment.

Stands can be programmed according to templates (but also with their own designs) so that visitors can move between them individually. We can go so far as to scan your business premises and make clients feel at home.

We will create a lobby, main and secondary halls for you, where lectures, workshops and other accompanying events can take place based on your wishes. You can also virtually hand over a business card, watch the latest company videos and other news.

If you want to use one of the applications at your next event, contact us HERE. We will gladly help you make the right choice!

Which application will be right for you?