You are standing in the studio with a green wall behind you, but the viewers see you walking in the centre of New York on their screens. Yes, this is exactly what a green screen can do – it will transport you and your event to where you want to go.

There is a reason why we have created top-quality green screen equipment directly under the roof of our oneAVstudio. The chroma key technique turns every event into a real spectacle and often gives you unimaginable possibilities.

However, everything requires at least a little preparation. And events in front of a green background are no exception.

Before you organize your first event in our oneAVstudio Green Screen, we will tell you how to dress properly for the occasion or what awaits you as a speaker in front of the green screen.


It is quite possible that today you are reading about the miracle called green screen for the first time ever. So what is it?

Green screen is a general term for the chroma key technique, which combines two image layers (speaker and background) into one. The most important role is played by a green background (green screen). In reality, the camera captures it as a green screen/wall, but the green colour is subsequently replaced by any background in the computer – for example, beautiful nature or the aforementioned New York.

Green screen plays an important role in online and hybrid events. For example, when you are organizing a virtual conference, there could be a chart, animations or similar effects running right behind you. And we can agree, that is better than a boring monotonous background.


In the world of fashion, two things of the same colour would go well with each other, but unfortunately the same logic does not apply to green screens. If you wear green clothes in front of a green screen, what happens is that you... disappear. You will blend in with the background and not be seen.

So when you are getting ready to perform in front of the green screen, we recommend leaving all your clothes in green and similar colours in your wardrobe (for example, khaki, shades of green-blue, etc.). In some cases, it is possible to change the colour of green shades of clothing, but choosing the right colour of your T-shirt, trousers or dress will be a big step towards success!


If you have not been lucky enough to try working with green screens at work yet, rest at ease: have no concerns. If you prepare well before performing, it will bring you a lot of benefits:

  • any background can run behind you during an online and hybrid event
  • if you have no time to prepare your own visualization, you can choose one of the templates
  • green screen turns any event into an interactive and entertaining spectacle
  • when using our oneAVstudio Green Screen, you will have virtually no problems with preparation
  • you do not just have to host just live events, you can also pre-record videos in front of the green screen and then play them later


Not wearing anything green in front of the green screen is crucial, but it is also useful to think about a few other small things that ultimately make a big difference in the output (image) quality.

  • avoid garish and shiny clothes – apart from green colour, sparkly, shiny or otherwise extra bold clothes are not good. If we can recommend a combination, a suit with a blue shirt for men and anything non-green and non-glittery for ladies, but in such a way that the outfit is not dominated by white
  • less jewellery – chains, necklaces and other jewellery can, in the first place, cause trouble when speaking into the microphone and, in the second place, interfere with the resulting image. But feel free to keep a non-flashy watch or wedding ring on
  • keep your hair under control – performers with longer hair are recommended to secure their hair in any way they can. Freely flying hair can cause trouble in front of the green screen when moving from side to side.


Performing in front of the green screen from the perspective of the speaker (performer, if you will) is a little different than in an environment with a normal background.

While in a conventional studio the performer has a number of physical aids at their disposal, in the case of the green screen there is often only a green desk in front of them and the rest of the activity takes place interactively.

What does this mean for you? If you are going to your first event in a studio with a green background, you will receive a little training on how to properly interact with the graphic elements and the virtual environment in general. But don’t worry, everyone can handle this training and soon you will be a green screen pro!


You can, of course, also find a studio with a green background in AV MEDIA EVENTS. And even right in our oneAVstudio!

If you decide to organize a virtual event or shoot an impressive video, a professional background awaits you. Instead of a piece of green cloth, you can look forward to a surface of wooden boards coated with a high-quality green paint.

When you arrive at oneAVstudio Green Screen, you can choose one of the already created studio designs, or we programme the studio to the letter as you wish.

Feel free to rent the green screen studio for just half a day, but if necessary, you can shoot in it for any number of days. Colleagues will show you everything, explain and advise you with every detail.


You already know exactly what performing in front of the green screen entails. Be assured, there is nothing to be afraid of. Contact one of our consultants and we can start working on your dream event – either online or conventionally live.

Did you know that…

in addition to the green screen (green background), is it also possible to use blue screen (blue background) and red screen (red background)? Some cameramen or photographers bring blue and red to the scene in case the performers are wearing a lot of green and other distracting effects. In general, however, green screen is the best for the chroma key technique.

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