In our studio tour, we have already visited oneAVstudio LED virtually. This time we find ourselves in the green screen studio


You could visit our first green screen studio in the CUBEX Centre. We changed, expanded and perfected this over time to the satisfaction of the customer.
Then we decided to bring the green screen even closer – directly under the roof of our oneAVstudio.
You will not find a piece of green cloth there. We focused on the green background significantly and created a film structure – green screen consists of wooden walls with high-quality paint.


In the last year, we modelled several visuals of the studios ourselves, or bought and transformed them to our own liking. We will not let you broadcast on the green field, i.e. on the wall. Choose from pre-created studios, or let us programme your own, tailor-made for your event.

Even in this studio we can model any 3D object.

The requirements for speakers are higher in the green screen studio than in the LED studio. The presenter must have a good orientation in a virtual environment, he/she often has no physical objects around him/her other than a lectern or a chair for himself/herself and the guests. Interaction with graphic elements requires training, but the result is definitely worth it.

You can host more than just real-time events from the studio. Pre-record your output in advance. If you are not sure whether your speech will be good “on the first try”, do not hesitate to try the output several times. You can then replay it and learn from any mistakes. Above all, do not stress.


  • The only limits are given by your imagination. You can create a studio where the background is the Žižkov Tower, the Eiffel Tower, or another place that creates an excellent atmosphere and brings the audience to a country you want to be in, but maybe you cannot be there because of restrictions right now.
  • If you have no time but still want to give your viewers a great experience, you can choose from pre-created studios.


If you are masters of your craft, have a well-prepared agenda and all the materials, you can order the studio only for your event, usually as one-day rental.

However, the most common scenario is renting a studio for a day and a half or for two days. You can try out all outputs, get to know our studio, you can also remotely connect your colleagues or the performers for the given event ahead of time. The trial will add to your confidence and you will feel comfortable in the studio on D-day. 

In the next article we will look behind the curtain of our director's room!

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