Back to Business participants had a unique opportunity to see our new studios themselves.

Back to Business participants had a unique opportunity to visit our new studios themselves. If you had other plans, we will be happy to guide your through the studios at least virtually.

What awaits you on this tour?

  • Lobby and background of the studio
  • oneAVstudio LED and oneAVstudio Green Screen
  • Peek into the director’s room
  • Introduction of the oneAVstream platform

Let’s do it!


Let’s take it from the very beginning. When you enter our oneAVstudio, you will find yourself in the lobby. This is a back area with a preparation room for speakers. A long table with several chairs will ensure that your entire team can fit in. And why should it? In the room you will also find an LCD TV, which shows what is happening in the studio during live broadcast, so your colleagues or clients can watch the outputs directly in the back areas of the studio.

The back areas include a fully equipped kitchen with sanitary facilities – to make the atmosphere more pleasant, we recommend ordering catering. Above the door to the studio, you will see a light box with the inscription On air – it shows whether a broadcast is on, so that no one disturbs it.  

Of course, there are also parking spaces for you or your clients in front of the studio.


How has our oneAVstudio changed? It now includes an LED screen that is 16 meters long, so we set about making it bigger. At this moment, 8 speakers + one moderator can stand in front of it.

If you want to have a spectacular background behind you, the LED studio is the right place where you can organize, for example, a hybrid event. A logo, a background in corporate colours, or an animation can appear behind the moderator. It’s up to you what you want to amaze the audience with.

Don’t be fooled, we know that events are not just about a pretty background. The LED will also display a presentation or a connected guest with the background. The presentation can be placed anywhere on the screen, and if you decide that the presenter will be a remote participant, he/she can be on the LED at the same time with his/her presentation.


The studio has a complete light park which does not change. These lights are needed primarily to illuminate the presenters.

Cameras and other technology found in our studio are used to capture presenters and to transmit your image to remote participants. Connected speakers do not just have to be displayed on the boring rectangular screens we are all familiar with. We can place the participant in a bubble or any shape that will match your visual.

And speaking of visuals, here are a few options:

  • You can come with your outputs (we will inform you of the LED dimensions and other important aspects)
  • You do not have to worry about anything, leave all the hard work to us! We will create a customized graphic design for you which identifies with your event and creates a pleasant atmosphere

In the studio you will find several monitors to view your presentation, or we can show you how you yourself are viewed. In this way, you will not lose control over what is happening in the studio and you will be oriented properly in the space.

The presenter is captured by a total of 3 cameras – two robotic, controlled from the director’s room, and one wide-angle. The cameras have red lights for easy orientation. Only one is always lit – the camera with the light on is capturing the speaker at the moment. So the light serves for simple orientation of the speaker.

You can also use the LED studio in the Prague Congress Centre and O2 Universum. In these studios, thanks to the social distancing regime, guests can be seated directly in the studio. Are you interested in these studios? Take a closer look at them.


One of the latest innovations is our oneAVstudioXR, the elements of which we can also convert into an LED studio. During the broadcast, we can also insert a 3D object into the studio. Whether you want to show company results with graphics, or just make your event special by inserting a moving figure, animal or another element that will attract the audience’s interest.


  • The background can be made in JPEG format, which will have the size of our LED screen. You can also come with an animation. Or leave everything up to us and we will create custom graphics for you.  
  • The stage is very similar to the live event – you feel comfortable, the set-up is not very different from a live event. Therefore, if you are used to organizing and performing live events, this will not be a big change for you.

What differences can we find compared to the GREEN SCREEN studio? You will find out in the next article! 

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