Conventional lights

LED fresnel 20W – AMERICAN DJ Encore FR20, 17W, including dimming, color temp. 3000K
LED fresnel 95W – CHAUVET Ovation F-95WW, 95W, 3200K
LED fresnel 265W – CHAUVET Ovation 265WW, 265W, equivalent 1500W bulb, warm white 3142K
LED fresnel 240W – CAMEO F2T, equivalent 1kW bulb, zoom 15°– 40°, color temp 3200K, CRI96
LED fresnel 500W - ELATION KL8 FC, full color RGBMA, 10° to 50° Wide Motorized Zoom, CRI 94,5 
LED spotlight  – work light, white, 4000K – 50W IP65
ARRI 650W – scenic reflector with barn doors
ARRI 1kW – scenic reflector with barn doors
ARRI 2kW – scenic reflector with barn doors
FHR 1000 – scenic reflector with barn doors

Profile lighting

Robert Juliat 614S – profile reflector 1kW
ETC Source 4 Zoom / Junior – profile reflector 750/575W

Follow spots

Follow spot – DTS MOON HMI 575


Cable protection – Adam Hall 1 m, various sizes and models
Floor stand – floor stand for PAR ligths
Stand 3,3 m – stand for lights/T–BAR
Stand 3,7 m – stand for lights/T–BAR
T–Bar – for 2, 4, 6 lights
Dimmers  – 230V, 3× 2,3kW
Dimmer MA Lighting – 380V, 6 or 12 channels
Downrigger set (ladder) ADMIRAL – modular system, length 1 and 2 meters, couplers, hooks
Light dome – outdoor cover for moving heads lights  -  up to ROBE MMX size