Decoration walls and light decorations

Decoration wall – modular decoration wall, panels 90 × 90 cm, white or transparent
Decoration items – various, e.g. number 20, 25
Light decorations – LED RGB - shapes - Cylinder, round needle, Celtic horn, sphere, molecule, honeycomb, various heights
Decoration of control desks – black colour, height adjustable 1–1,4 m, width of one set max. 10 m
Pipe & Drape – blue, height adjustable 2,1–3,9 m, width of one set max 12 m
Pipe & Drape – black / grey / red / white colour, price per m2 (height 2,1-4,6 m, width of one set max 12 m)
Building of airwalls/backdrops
Skirting for podium – height 20–100 cm
Stand“Easel” – stand for banners


Speaker’s desk – Projecta
Rig to mount 43" display on Projecta lectern
Decoration of speaker’s desk – wooden cover for Projecta lectern
Aluminium lecterns
Transparent lecterns
 – stand for info boards

Event graphics and prints

Large format prints on different materials
Production of banners, roll-ups and stands
Floor graphics
Graphic navigation
Design and construction of exhibition stands