AV Stumpfl PIXERA ONE  – 4K media server incl. LCD preview monitor 27”, output: 4×, DP1.4, 6× UHD layer
Analog Way PICTURALL QUAD Mark II – 8K Mediaserver incl. two 27" monitors, 4× DP1.2 output
Analog Way DP – 4x HDMI – Extension unit for PICTURALL SERVER – DP to 4× HDMI
MILLUMIN – Mediaserver, MAC PRO with software MILLUMIN, inputs 2x HDMI or 2x HDSDI
Timecode generator – Time code generator for synchronization of servers and other peripherals
XR Server – Server for 3D virtual set

Other videosignal sources

Playdeck – notebook with software Playdeck, it provides 2 separate video outputs
Playback Pro – macbook with Playback Pro software 
AJA Ki Pro - professional HDD video recorder
ATOMOS Samurai Blade – HDD player/recorder with 5” monitor, HDSDI in/out
ATOMOS Shogun Inferno – 4K HDD player/recorder with 7” monitor, HDSDI in/out
Blackmagic Hyper Deck Studio Mini – SDXC – SD/HD/FHD/UHD player/recorder with 2” monitor, HDSDI in/out, 2160p30Hz
BlackMagic HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro – SSD/SDXC – SD/HD/FHD/UHD player/recorder with 2" monitor, HDSDI in/out, 2160p60Hz
Brightsign HD1024 – multimedia card player including SD card, 4K@60Hz
Blueray player
Apple TV
Multimedia player – consumer compact audio, video and image file player
DVB–T/S receiver – receiver of terrestrial and satellite TV signal