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Class VR

Virtual Reality for Schools

ClassVR is a breakthrough teaching system designed specifically for school learning that uses both virtual and augmented reality.

It offers students of all ages an engaging, immersive experience and helps them understand subjects and topics through personal experience.

ClassVR increases student engagement, strengthens knowledge retention, and promotes better overall learning results.
The ClassVR package includes a set of standalone VR/AR headsets, a robust portable storage unit, a student-friendly user interface, a range of curriculum-aligned VR, AR & MR learning options, a web portal that allows teachers to easily control and manage the devices. 


Standalone headset 

No mobile device is needed. The ClassVR headset is a standalone device that is completely customized for classroom teaching. 

Unlike other VR headsets, ClassVR requires no additional devices, such as phones. Everything is fully integrated into one device that is easy to use and highly reliable.

Easy to use and manage 

An important part of ClassVR is the teacher portal, which provides all the contents and tools needed to prepare captivating lessons. ClassVR’s online portal makes it easy to move VR and AR contents into your own portfolios.

With one click, teachers can send content directly to VR and AR headsets, direct them to specific points, or see what students are currently engaged in.

Lesson plan and content for virtual, augmented and mixed reality

Our curriculum and structured lesson plans help develop imagination of students.

Pupils and students leave their classroom with memories and experiences that help them visualize and understand even the most complex educational subjects.

Currently, there are over 900 pre-prepared activities that cover a wide range of topics and subject areas. Let the students immerse in 360-degree images and videos, bring textbook pages to reality with AR, or hold virtual 3D models in your own hands.

Get creative with 360-degree cameras and a 3D modelling package - create your own content and share it with the entire ClassVR community.

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