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Control systems

  • Control systems provide for an easy and intuitive control of installed AV equipment and other technologies within a room or building. A control system is the integration element not only for AV equipment, but also for a number of other technologies within a facility. It can control for instance lighting, blinds, heating, cooling, air conditioning, etc. The central brain of the system is an industrial controller managing the connected equipment through communication ports. Controller types differ in numbers of ports and processor capacities. Contemporary controllers are connected to IT networks and the internet, so not only equipment within a single room can be integrated, but also that within the entire facility disregarding the geographic location.
  • Another important element of the system is a touch LCD panel or keyboard. Using these devices, the user can control the equipment. A graphical application is available on the touch panel containing buttons, sliders and status indicators. By pressing a button, the user calls out a function or a function sequence. As a matter of example, when the “Presentation” button is pressed, the projector goes on, the screen unrolls, the video input is switched, blinds closed and lighting intensity adjusted.
  • Touch panels are manufactured with diagonals from 4” to 22”. They are connected to the system over a cable or are wireless. Their installation depends on user’s requirements and the panel can be placed on a rack or a table, suspended from a wall or integrated into it. As an additional option, a tablet with Apple iOS or Android operating systems can be used.
AV MEDIA recommends control systems from AMX, Cue, Crestron:

AMX   CUE   Crestron


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