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Interactive visualizers for companies

Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable particularly for smaller meeting rooms or workshop areas. The SMART Podium interactive display combined with large format projection is more appropriate for university auditoriums and conference halls.

The SMART series offers a wide range of elegant dark grey displays for business environments. Displays with a 55” and 70” diagonal support full HD resolution, those with a 84” diagonal even 4K. Users can choose from a wide range of possible connections for computers or DVD and Blu Ray players. Up to three video inputs support interactivity. The SMART Meeting Pro software application is included in deliveries of SMART Podium displays for businesses.

SMART Board interactive display

  • Interactive SMART Board 6065 LCDs are intended for smaller classrooms or seminar rooms at universities. Their LCD screen has a diagonal of 65” (165cm) and resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). The DViT touch technology distinguishes 4 simultaneous touches in order to provide for collaboration of 2 to 4 students and multitouch gestures. SMART Board 6065 also offers a smart touch feature, thanks to which the screen automatically identifies a finger touch intended for control, a marker touch for writing and an eraser pad or palm for erasing. Each marker can be assigned another colour of digital ink.

SMART Podium

  • SMART Podium is an interactive display intended for larger rooms with a large projection screen. The presenter is able to make comments and control applications in a way similar to large SMART boards. SMART Podium is available in two sizes 18.5” (47 cm) and 24” (61 cm). The interactive display can be operated using a touch pen. Additionally, its frame contains function buttons for markers of different colours.
    AV MEDIA delivers SMART Board and SMART Podium interactive displays for instance to schools, where they are integrated with the SMART Notebook teacher software. Teachers are able to create any kind of interactive exercises according to a particular topic, or they can choose one of 30,000 standard exercises available at the www.veskole.cz portal.

Interactive SMART boards for companies

  • Thanks to their large projection surface (diagonal 221 cm), SMART Boards 800 are also used outside school environments. They can be installed in meeting rooms or training centres of companies and institutions. The board can be integrated into a single solution with a SMART projector. SMART interactive boards intended for non-school environments are delivered including licences for the SMART Meeting Pro business software application.



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