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Natural science lab

PASCO measurement systems make the higher elementary school and secondary school students more involved in the teaching process in natural sciences. Students are able to perform exciting experiments and measurements making their learning far more appealing and, more importantly, more visual and memorable.

  • PASCO has been developing sensors, probes, software and other tools for natural science education for more than 50 years. 
  • Among hundreds of sensors, a team of experienced teachers has selected the combination that best suits the educational programmes of Czech schools. As a result, the Pasco Sensorium student kits for physics, chemistry and biology were created, plus one kit with purely wireless sensors. The kit is always accompanied by professionally prepared student tasks and teacher's guides and a plastic box for safe storage of individual sensors.
  • In addition to the Sensorium kits, there is also a simple and illustrative electrical circuit kit for group learning in physics. The basic kit contains plastic parts with circuits, connecting parts, resistors, coil, capacitor, switch and a battery holder. Apart from that, the extended kit includes a potentiometer, LED indicator and a motor, and most importantly, wireless voltage and current sensors. Everything is stored in a plastic box again.
  • Now we can extend the measurement and monitoring of science experiments and analyses to the informatics dimension of learning thanks to a set of wireless sensors and PASCO Sensorium Coding tools for implementing experiments combining the study of natural phenomena and programming. 
  • One kit is recommended for a maximum of 3 students. Practice has shown that every pupil is involved in the experiment in this way and the measured values can then be compared and discussed by the different groups of pupils.
  • Thanks to the mobility of the overall solution, measurements can be performed outdoors and students can be genuinely involved.   
  • Experiments from Czech teachers are available at the www.experimentujme.cz portal.

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