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Recording and streaming

Solutions intended for presentations provide for recording, streaming and publication of image and sound. Live presentations can be watched by a large number of spectators through a web interface.

  • Our today's dynamic society is based on fast transmission of information and data. Any successful organization facing the competition needs to quickly announce upcoming training sessions, presentations and knowledge bases to their employees and managers. Only contents published in due time are up to date.
  • A recording and streaming solution provides a simple tool for recording, publishing and archiving of presentations through a web interface. A live presentation is therefore useful not only for its direct audience in the particular room, but can also be followed by an unrestricted number of other people through the local network or the internet. Contemporary modern solutions enable their users to record, in an easy manner, image, sound and the presentation using an intuitive player that can be simultaneously watched in an internet browser.
AV MEDIA recommends the product Mediasite from Sonic Foundry:



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