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SmartClass+ Language Lab

Language labs or language classrooms are modern teaching environments with clearly structured digital libraries. These libraries are full of learning materials sorted by individual teaching lessons.

  • SmartClass+ is a one-of-a-kind digital platform intended for teaching of languages working on all types of devices – desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.  SmartClass+ is globally available in over 45 countries all over the world and used by more than 9,000 various institutions.

  • Using digital materials in language teaching is motivating for students, saves time for teachers and offers broad language opportunities. SmartClass+ prepares and distributes both common and advanced language activities in the utmost quality to student devices, and digitally controls, monitors, stores and evaluates them on teacher’s computer. The system works with a high quality of image and sound transmission, which is extremely important when language teaching objectives are to be met. The teacher manages the language class by means of a graphic control panel (dashboard) displayed on the teacher’s monitor.  Communication with students is based on text, image, sound or high resolution recordings.
  • Another advantage of language labs consists in their modular solutions all the way from basic requirements on quality of sound to gradual expansion according to the increasing teaching requirements. Teachers appreciate the possibility of conversational collaboration in groups and the easy availability of audiovisual materials.  Language labs also include quality computers enabling students to become fully involved.
  • Language Lab – full version of language lab. Students are equipped with headphones with a microphone and desktop computers.
  • Rover – version with student devices. Students are provided with tablets and headphones with a microphone.
  • Audio – version without student devices. Students are provided with headphones with a microphone.
  • Remote access – module for homework assignments, with an option of remote processing. 
  • If you are interested in trying out a free demo version, please contact your sales consultant or you can apply for it directly on the manufacturer´s website at https://trial.robotel.com/
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