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  • SMART Notebook is the most globally spread learning software intended for interactive teaching. It contains not only a tool for creation and development of interactive exercises, but also an internet browser and a player for multimedia files. Thousands of images and animations are available that can be used in interactive exercises. The software for schools provides a unified environment pro control of a document camera and voting by means of user units and mobile devices. Czech teachers have already prepared and shared over 30,000 SMART Notebook interactive exercises on the www.veskole.cz portal. Exercises can be freely used and adapted to a particular topic.
  • The SMART Amp cloud environment enables students collaborate using their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, portable computers) and the internet. Teachers and students meet on a virtual desktop providing for entering text and input of images and videos, as well as polling. No additional software is necessary for teacher or student devices, as everything is performed in an internet browser environment.
AV MEDIA recommends the software for interactive collaboration of students from SMART TECHNOLOGIES:

SMART Notebook   SMART Amp


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