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Software for schools

Software applications in the school environment focus on engaging pupils and students through interactive whiteboard or student’s devices within a classroom or cloud environment

SMART Educational Software is package that includes all the necessary tools in one - SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART Response 2 and SMART workspace.

  • SMART notebook is the world's most popular software for interactive learning. It is intended for teachers who want to prepare an interesting lesson for their pupils and involve them in the lesson. The SMART Notebook also includes SMART Blocks, Mathematics Geogebra, Maestro, or Contextual Mapping tools in addition to the tools for writing, drawing and working with objects. At the web portal www.veskole.cz, you can find more than 34,000 prepared materials in the SMART Notebook software.
  • SMART lab is a tool both for teachers and students that allows you to create an interactive exercise in few minutes. It can easily be done even during the lesson. The LAB includes templates for rotating cards to find the right answer, sorting objects, putting objects in the right order, adding text to empty boxes in a word or a sentence, and the Shout it out loud! application that lets pupils share their ideas, texts and images using their mobile devices directly in the SMART Notebook.
  • SMART response 2 is a completely redesigned feedback and polling tool that engages pupils through their mobile phones, tablets or computers.
  • SMART Workspace is the SMART Learning suite online activity that enables group, individual and class activities. Pupils connect through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, in class and at home, and can write digital ink and upload pictures. SMART Workspace builds on the SMART amp platform that will be unavailable after December 2018. All the existing activities and the amp training will be opened in SMART Workspace.
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