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  • A number of microphone types are available for spoken word. A general principle applies that the closer the a microphone is placed to speaker’s mouth, the better comprehensible is the output. Wireless microphones are used for the purpose of speaker’s free motion or passing of the microphone among several discussing persons. With regard to a crowded transmission band (DVB-T broadcasting and services provided by mobile operators), the frequency must be adjustable and the overall system designed considering its stability and dependability.

Most frequently used types of microphones:

  • handheld microphone
  • headset microphone
  • clip on microphone (not appropriate for live events without a special sound system arrangement)
  • tablet top flat microphone
  • shotgun microphone
  • wireless microphone

Signal processing

  • The input signals require proper adjustment and treatment for subsequent comfortable processing and quality listening.

The most frequent signal treatment procedures include:

  • Elimination of feedback
  • AEC - Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Limiting, compression, delay...

mixing and switching

  • Mixing and switching are key procedures in sound management.

Depending on the intended use, the type of system management needs to be defined in advance:

  • manual mixing
  • mixing consoles
  • mixing systems
  • manual switches
  • automated mixing
  • preset autonomous sound systems
  • controllable mixing and switching systems and matrices
  • depending on type of installation either from PC or from control system


  • The amplification of spoken word must be designed in order to make a listener in the rear part of the room perceive in the same quality as a listener near the speaker.

Depending on the type of installation and purpose, we divide amplifiers to:

  • low impedance amplifiers
  • distribution 70V and 100V amplifiers for decentralized sound
  • amplifiers for induction loops

Audio sets

  • Sound reproduction should be enough balanced in order to avoid a too loud amplification in certain areas and too silent one at other places. The audio set contains one or more loudspeakers finalized for the particular purpose.

We distinguish:

  • build-in audio sets
  • ceiling audio sets
  • wall integrated audio sets
  • suspension audio sets
  • wall mounted audio sets
  • column audio sets
  • audio sets for music industry
  • audio sets for arenas, stadiums and outdoor purposes
  • audio sets for cinemas
  • mobile audio sets
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