For whom?

  • Student products are available in various forms, from conventional computers to 2-in-1 computers, laptops, chromebooks to new all-in-one computers. In the case of an all-in-one, this is a device that has a computer integrated directly into the monitor. It behaves like a tablet on its own, but by connecting a keyboard and mouse you get a full-fledged desktop computer. It is suitable for individual and group teaching. 

  • Teacher products are devices with sufficient computing power that handle work with several applications at once. These include conventional computers with up to three digital or video outputs, but also laptops to facilitate teaching.

  • We provide ICT accessories and peripherals as well as prints that assist in the creation of support documents. Then there is 3D printing, which can transform a vision into a tangible product. And we do not forget about security, which we maintain with the help of antivirus utilities. 

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