Types of sound systems


There are many types of microphones for picking up the spoken word. In general, however, it is always true that the closer the microphone to the mouth, the better the quality and the clearer the output.  

Most common types of microphones 

  • manual microphone
  • headset microphone
  • lapel microphone (not suitable for live performances without a special sound system arrangement)
  • desk and flat microphone
  • interference microphone 

Wireless microphone 

  • for the purposes of speaker or microphone movement, for example among multiple discussion participants
  • due to the crowded transmission band (DVB-T broadcasting and mobile operator services) it must be re-tunable and the whole system must be designed as stable and reliable 

Signal processing 

For further comfortable processing and quality listening, it is necessary to adjust and treat the individual input signals, for example:

  • feedback elimination
  • AEC - Acoustic Echo Cancellation signal limitation, compression or delay 

Mixing and switching

Sound control centre. Depending on the type of use, it is necessary to define the type of system control in advance:

  • manual mixing 
    • mixing desks
    • mixing systems
    • manual switches
  • automatic mixing
    • preset autonomous sound systems
  • controllable mixing and switching systems and matrices
    • depending on the type of installation, either from the PC or from the control system 


    Based on the type of installation and the purpose of use, they are divided into: 

    • low-impedance amplifiers 
    • distribution 70V and 100V amplifiers (for decentralized sound)
    • induction loop amplifiers

    Speaker systems

    A speaker system is composed of one or more speakers, finalized for specific use. Types of speaker systems:  

    • built-in speaker systems
      • ceiling-mounted 
      • wall-mounted
    • pendant speaker systems
    • wall-mounted speaker systems
    • column speaker systems
    • speaker systems for the music industry
    • speaker systems for arenas, stadiums and outdoor use
    • speaker systems for cinemas mobile speaker systems

    Directional speakers

    At exhibitions, the organizers increasingly target the sound at a given location. This sound system uses narrow directional loudspeakers, thanks to which the sound can be assigned to individual exhibits

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