Today’s generation has been surrounded by attractive technologies since early childhood.

Multimedia is a part of everyday life for children, and it is difficult for even a good teacher to keep their attention with only chalk and pencil. Teaching is no longer possible with the teacher leading the explanation and the bored students listening. ICT simply belongs in today’s school, modern technologies are a key helper in how to interest, motivate and involve children these days, but also effectively manage activities in the classroom.

The teacher is key, but let’s not forget that the student is the centre of our attention. Students must be the ones for whom we make changes in schools.


Because we know that the teacher is key, we inspire and train thousands of teachers every year. Our trainings and professional development of teachers fully support the inclusion of new technologies and trends in teaching. All our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and divided into individual user levels. At the trainings, we will provide you with expert lecturers and consultants, and with their help you will achieve a natural integration of not only technologies, but also new trends or Framework Educational Programmes into teaching.


On our Veš, you will find countless inspiring articles, videos, webinars and over 35,000 prepared digital learning materials sorted by subject.
Collaborate and be inspired to create your lesson plans to achieve the best possible result in the classroom using SMART technologies. We are looking for learning resources, materials, activities, programmes and other resources that will help you use SMART technologies in the best way. We also collaborate on the creation of interactive materials with leading Czech professional textbook publishers who connect digital content with traditional textbooks.


Modern technologies are a key helper in how to interest, motivate and involve children these days, as well as effectively manage activities in the classroom. We offer a wide range of proven school products and complete solutions, from educational software to fully equipped basic and specialist classrooms for teaching languages, natural sciences, robotics, VR and 3D. The selection of suitable means, including the necessary software equipment, is important. It is necessary that the individual tools are easy and intuitive to control and work together well as a whole.


Compatible technology without problems. Thanks to the use of typical installations, we can offer complete installation services to schools. Our support does not end with the sale and installation of equipment. We have prepared a number of extra services for you, so that the technology serves you reliably and brings you even more benefits and joy.