The future of work is not about choosing between in-person, remote or hybrid work. The future of work is about the art of using all the mentioned ways and learning how to effectively lead, motivate, connect people and work well with them from anywhere.

For a hybrid work model to be successful and sustainable, we need to learn how to effectively lead and motivate in-person and remote workers simultaneously.

People today demand much more from work. They want better working conditions. They want a better pay. They want to use meaningful communication technologies. They want to work in a work environment they will enjoy coming back to. They want better managers. If you are just an average manager, watch out, people will probably leave you soon.

INTRODUCTION: a video conferencing solution for a HYBRID way of working.

In the last two years, people have experienced something completely new, so they are looking back at their personal and professional lives. They evaluate more and focus on personal priorities for the future. Companies are forced to offer people a more open corporate culture and flexible work and workspaces.

15 to 20% of people only want to work in an office. They require personal contact and attention from their colleagues and superiors. For example, young people who are at the beginning of their career.

30% of people only want to work remotely, it is their priority, they can imagine that thanks to remote work they can advance and develop.

Everyone else wants a hybrid way of working, which is a mix between working in an office and working from anywhere, e.g. from a home office.

Video conferencing solution for HYBRID way of working: HOME OFFICE

Video conferencing solution for HYBRID way of working: SMALL AND MEDIUM ROOMS

Video conferencing solution for HYBRID way of working: LARGE ROOMS

The success or failure of hybrid work depends on how teams can meet, communicate, collaborate and think creatively while doing their best individual work, whether they are in the office or from anywhere else. 

A hybrid way of working provides better results than pre-pandemic work models. In 2022, we will use new work scenarios in conjunction with the hybrid regime. A critical phase of new experiments and evaluation will be gathering feedback on what works and what does not.

The success of the hybrid way of working will depend on whether we start from top down ideas and vice versa. This means that the management of the organization creates clear instructions, provides support and ensures the learning of new skills among individuals and teams so they could then test, pilot, improve and continuously report on what suits people and teams best or vice versa.

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