AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technology services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

What IT support do we offer for events?

Thanks to our wide portfolio of comprehensive AV/IT solutions, we provide smooth running of the entire event. Our team of experts will ensure high-quality efficient solutions, and can prevent many unexpected situations. In terms of IT support for events, we can provide everything from arranging the data connection including the infrastructure, effective communication for organizers, current information for the participants including their involvement, to interesting digital content with interactive elements.


Data connection and infrastructure

  • Arranging a data connection to the place of the event
  • Connecting users and setting the desired network functionality, including statistics and reports

Applications for supporting the organizers

  • User registration, including ensuring communication prior to the event
  • Electronic tickets and QR codes
  • Standardizing and distributing presentations in the lecture halls
  • Managing information displays and E-posters

Applications for involving the participants

  • Mobile applications with complex information for the participants
  • Interactive elements for live voting, questions for the speakers, feedback

Digital content and interaction

  • Picture broadcasting, editing, recording
  • Animation and theme songs
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • Interactivity


  • The place where your event will take place offers an Internet connection. Will this connection be enough?
  • Do you want to engage the participants with questions but are afraid to “publically” ask them? Or are you worried that the questions will be counter-productive?
  • Will you modify the programme at the last minute and need changes to effectively communicate?
  • Do you need to monitor the participation during individual parts of the programme or at individual locations?

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