Workspaces where people feel good and want to come back to: meet in person, learn, focus, communicate openly, collaborate, co-create and think creatively in a team and with remote colleagues and participants.

We present workspaces for different ways of working (fixed, flexible, agile, hybrid… or work based on specific activities and scenarios).

We managed to create all this with the contribution of CBRE and MTMCO, creating exceptional spaces with an imaginary intersection – from modern audiovisual technology, to acoustic elements, lighting and furniture to other impressive solutions related to a smart, intelligent and safe working environment. Rooms of different sizes are designed not only for team and cross-team meetings in a hybrid model, but also for personal or fully virtual meetings and creative brainstorming. The rooms are made using various materials, especially wood, metal or concrete screed, perforated modified boards and vinyl.

Informal spaces are dominated by a furnished tree with a bar and sophisticated lighting, which brings an element of the corporate DNA into the interior; this means teamwork, connecting people and the family of all employees. This space is great for casual meetings, social one-on-one interactions, focused work or relaxation with a cup of coffee in hand. There is also a library available, offering the possibility to sit down quietly and safely. Informal spaces with a dominant wooden tree are connected to other spaces where informative displays with biophilic and visual stories are suspended on the walls. The workplaces were designed using the smart workplace strategy, which redefined the number and location of desks and created a background for focused and undisturbed work.

All spaces are available in the mobile application with the option of booking desks, rooms or a parking space. Selected office spaces are equipped with sensors that automatically evaluate temperature, lighting intensity, the maximum number of people present in the building and individual rooms. In this way, online visual overviews and statistics of the usability of individual workspaces can be easily and clearly created. The main goal of SMART WORKPLACE is the meaningful use of technology to actively involve employees, including remote ones, with the continuous development of corporate culture. At the same time, it ensures safety, flexibility and intelligence. 

Retail companies have changed stores to provide a customer experience and convince them that to purchase a certain type of product, they need to visit the store in person. Airline loyalty programs prioritizing customer experience. Airport lounges entice us to spend more time in their environment and use their mobile applications to streamline our planned travel. Employees can be supported in the SMART WORKPLACE in similar ways. Because they face changing priorities and work needs during the working day, too. Companies that realize that their employees are an integral part of the overall success design smart spaces that people love to return to. Here are some best practices to achieve this.

  • Think ambitiously. Where do you want to move with the idea of a smart workplace over time?
  • Take it step by step. Each step should be in complete harmony with the overall vision. Look around and focus on existing areas that people are comfortable with or prefer.
  • Be responsible. Do not strive for super perfection. Try to learn new skills along the way. Have the necessary responsibility to implement multiple connected components.

How to start?

You are certainly familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The SMART WORKPLACE is based on a similar principle. At the very beginning, there are the employees’ basic needs, which must be included as a priority for subsequent functioning in a modern work environment. In addition, it is necessary to incorporate further improvements and, at the very top, to satisfy intangible emotional needs that will influence individual behaviour, collaboration in teams, cross teams or the development of community and corporate culture. 

Over the last two years, we have undergone extensive changes and significant progress in creating a functional smart workplace. Do you want to learn more about smart workplace trends? Contact us. We are ready to introduce SMART WORKPLACE to you in a practical way. You can try and verify everything in the form of experiential inspiration, which we offer in our premises at AV MEDIA, Pražská 68, Prague 10.