Multifunctional hall in Roudnice nad Labem

The reconstruction of the Říp Culture House also brought about a modification of the main hall, which now, thanks to the special solution of a retractable stepped auditorium with a capacity of 102 seats, enables variable use for various cultural activities. The integrated elevation allows to easily adjust the hall depending on the type of event. Film screenings, as well as cultural and theatrical performances, as well as dances and balls, can take place here. 

For film performances, the hall is equipped with a Christie CP2309-RGB DCI projector located in a special acoustic box under the ceiling. This solution is especially suitable for smaller and atypical spaces where it is not possible to run the film from the projection booth.  It is projected onto a retractable metallic screen, behind which three loudspeakers are also suspended from the rigging system.  The DepthQ system also allows projection in 3D. Dolby IMS3000 media block is used as a cinema server. The function of the sound processor is provided by DataSat AP25 for sound distribution in 7.1 sound channels.

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