Municipal House of Culture and 3D Cinema in Říp

The complete renovation of the Říp house of culture has brought, among other things, a multifunctional solution for the space

The complete renovation of the Říp House of Culture was completed in late 2020. Part of the reconstruction was also the adaptation of the main hall, which now allows variable use of the hall for various cultural activities thanks to a special design of a retractable tiered auditorium with a capacity of 102 seats.

Check out the video from the opening ceremony. Source: iDnes.TV

Our town has long lacked a cultural facility that meets its current needs. When the repairs started, the Říp House of Culture was in a state that was unfortunately no longer compatible with its continued operation. The problem was also highlighted by an opinion poll carried out as part of the preparation of the strategic plan. We were thus confronted with the question of whether to repair it or invest in a complete reconstruction, and my colleagues and I opted for the latter solution, offering modern facilities for most cultural activities. It is a listed building. As a result, a number of things came up during the renovation that had to be dealt with on the fly. Today, however, we have a modern cultural facility that should meet all requirements. I believe that when people visit the newly renovated premises for the first time, they will agree that we made the right choice," said František Padělek, Mayor of Roudnice nad Labem. (Source:

For film screenings, the hall is equipped with a Christie CP2309-RGB DCI projector placed in a special acoustic box under the ceiling. This solution is particularly suitable for smaller and atypical spaces where it is not possible to project from the projection booth. The film is projected onto a retractable metallic screen, behind which three suspended loudspeakers are also retracted from the ropeway.  The DepthQ system also allows even the 3D projection. A Dolby IMS3000 media block is used as the cinema server. The sound processor function is provided by a DataSat AP25 for sound reinforcement in 7.1 audio channels.

Thanks to the integrated elevation system, the hall can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the event. The elevation system can be easily folded down and the hall area can be used for events such as balls, dance classes or performances for children.

All visitors will be able to see the stage from the auditorium, and during balls the auditorium will slide under the balcony to create a dance floor,” says Luděk Jirman, director of the Říp company, which operates the cultural centre and provides the programme for the local cinema and theatre. (Source:

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