This year tests the quality and reliability of remote communication in a number of companies and institutions much more than we were used to in the past.

Those who do not rely on a good communication solution could experience complications in the spring, for example in the form of various technical problems or security. From this point of view, the Regional Office of the Vysočina Region is well positioned as it started using a video conferencing solution by Cisco.

Vysočina Region and video conferencing during the coronavirus crisis

”With the advent of the coronavirus crisis and the impossibility of physical travel to meetings, video conferences proved to be the most effective way of remote communication. They provided both for the meetings of regional governors and meetings with the participation of the government, the Prime Minister and ministers. Our regional governor, Jiří Běhounek, was a direct member of the Central Emergency Committee,” says Dušan Matys, network administrator of the Regional Office of the Vysočina Region.

”On behalf of the region, I participated in the meetings of the Emergency Committee and also of the standing working group that met every day. Through the video conference system, we were able to discuss with twenty or thirty people who joined. It was fast and very responsive, we saved a lot of time,” adds Jiří Běhounek, Governor of the Vysočina Region. The video conference system of the Association of Regions is physically located in Jihlava and is operated on Cisco technology, which ensures mutual compatibility across regions.

Complete Cisco equipment was delivered to the Vysočina Region together by AV MEDIA, ALEF and Cisco.

More details: systemonline press release

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