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What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are nothing new, they’ve been here long before Covid-19, but are receiving much more attention now than they have before. The restrictions caused by the pandemic have indirectly given birth to a number of new formats for hybrid events, bringing new ways of communications to the table. 

A hybrid event (fig. 1), unlike a virtual one, includes a face to face meeting of participants at the place where the event is taking place (sometimes multiple locations at once). This is often confused.

This type of event has great potential, but in order for it to work, many things such as planning, technological preparation, content creation and propagation have to be done right.

A hybrid event can increase sales and improve effectivity of meetings, all the while allowing for more people to join in.

Combining face-to-face and virtual elements gives the organizers more options of addressing, captivating and inspiring their audience (regardless of the current state of restrictions).

We created a website to help demonstrate the various aspects and benefits of hybrid events, and to present some of the past hybrid events we organized.

Visit the Hybrid Events website  

Hybrid events can be organized in various formats, according to the needs of the organizers and clients (fig. 2)

Hybrid events are valuable in many aspects.: 

  • Reaching larger audience (at the event + online groups + individually online)
  • Increased effectivity of networking
  • Larger capacity and improved safety of participants (multiple simultaneous events connected online, from different locations)
  • Better ways of sharing information (new communication channels)
  • Improved monitoring of participants (including feedback)
  • More ways of showcasing sponsors
  • Including people who could not otherwise attend
  • Certainty that the event will take place despite last minute changes of rules for large gatherings.

Technology allows hybrid events to transcend location and time.

Hybrid events do not build walls, but bridge gaps. Instead of being confined to one location, you can host many events in different places and then connect them using one platform. Go around travel bans and invite your guest speaker to a meeting in their own city, and then stream it.

 With our extensive experience with running hybrid events, we can guarantee you a great organizational experience and an optimal final product.

With us, your event will be compelling, without complications and most importantly safe for all participants.

Get ahead of competition and do not waste your time waiting!

Hybrid events can be hosted anywhere: your company grounds, a nearby hotel or a conference center. We will show you all the technological and logistical possibilities of hybrid events in one of our multifunctional studios: ONEAVSTUDIO HARFA, O2 UNIVERSUM, CONGRESS CENTER PRAHA AND CUBEX CENTER PRAHA.

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