Are you planning to organize an event in 2022 that its participants will never forget? There is nothing better than being inspired by the world’s best in class. We have selected four spectacular and traditional events, which are of interest to hundreds of thousands to millions of people from all over the world every year. Each of them will enrich your event with something else. So buckle up and let your imagination run wild!


Date and venue for 2022: March 27, Los Angeles (USA)

The famous Oscar night probably needs no introduction. The annual presentation of awards to movie stars in the USA is fine-tuned to the last detail, and the execution of the event itself is no exception. Organizers traditionally enjoy big, fascinating elements. The conventionally looking red hall is always complemented by an original and impressively designed stage, which exudes a touch of luxury. 

After all, the whole event is carried out in a spirit of prestige, and every participant of the Oscars feels that he/she has found himself/herself among the world’s elite (which, by the way, is true). Use Oscar nights as inspiration if you are planning an awards event, or a similarly significant event. 

What to get inspired by:

  • luxury design
  • unconventionally designed stage
  • simplicity
  • connecting conventional event elements with digital technology

Oscar 2021 Live Stream Award Ceremony


Date and venue for 2022: May 24–26, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

You have never heard about this event? The Global Aerospace Summit is not well known in Europe, but it is actually one of the biggest events in the aerospace industry. Hundreds of companies from all over the world that have anything to do with aviation meet there in person and online.

This event is typically huge, but the organizers are doing a good job handling it. Over the course of a few days, dozens of speakers take turns at various locations; in recent years they have been watched not only by the participants in the hall, but also by a number of viewers at home from their screens. Indeed, the Global Aerospace Summit led by example and moved part of the event to the online space. 

The Global Aerospace Summit will inspire you to organize a larger conference. 

What to be inspired by:

  • modern studios and halls
  • use of online lectures
  • great connection between the audience and the speakers
  • use of several studios and halls at the same time

Global Aerospace Summit 2020


Date and venue for 2022: Not determined in advance

Apple fans adore them. About an hour long videos in which the company that makes iPhones or Macbooks regularly presents the latest products. It is a treat for the eyes. Although it is not a conventional event and the materials are prepared in advance, in the Apple Event videos you will see a plethora of modern event technologies

First, CEO Tim Cook speaks outside on a meadow, then the image is transferred to a professional studio with a green screen, where a huge AirPod comes out behind Cook’s colleague. It looks as real and elaborate as if it were lying on the table in front of you. Immediately, the scene is in another great studio, where another Apple employee is presenting a Macbook. 

If you want to organize a virtual event with lots of impressive effects, definitely check out a few Apple Events, there is no shortage of inspiration here. 

What to be inspired by:

  • detailed preparation of event materials
  • use of modern technology and effects
  • event video processing
  • involvement of multiple studios and outdoor spaces

Apple Event


Date and venue for 2022: November 29 – December 1, Barcelona (Spain)

The biggest trending event in the world of events. If you really care about the quality of the event and want to know how the biggest innovations in the field work, IBTM World is the event for you. It primarily serves companies doing business in the events sector, but anyone preparing any event can use it for inspiration. 

Currently, IBTM World is mainly dedicated to hybrid and online events, without which it has been difficult to imagine organizing events in the last two years. In addition to conventional and virtual lectures, at this event you will also come across elaborate stands of world leaders from the events industry.

What to be inspired by:

  • news from the world of events that IBTM World brings every year
  • original concept of stands and style of lectures
  • involvement of a huge number of experts in the event

LIVE from Day 3 of IBTM World


Great, you already have inspiration! Now get excited about planning the event of your dreams. At AV MEDIA EVENTS, we will help you organize such an event, so that it comes close to the best events in the world. 

And what do the spectacular events organized by AV MEDIA EVENTS look like? Take a look, for example, at what the organization of the Zlín Film Festival looked like, or the fascinating Once Upon a Time exhibition or the presentation of the Annual Awards of the Czech Event Association. 

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