Virtual and hybrid events filled the event world. While the restrictions last, we will not be visiting live events on the scale we know for a while. But the market had to adapt and the new era showed not only the organizers that thanks to the online environment they can connect the whole world.

The largest domestic event festival Eventfest also took place virtually. Among other things, our executive director Jan Kubinec also spoke here.

He presented the situation on the market, which was turned upside down by the pandemic. Half of the events in the Czech Republic were cancelled, the other half were moved to the online world. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online events and what is the key to each of them? Kubinec also addressed this in his presentation.

In the next part of the presentation, he shed light on the technological trends that are crucial in today’s online world. He talks about each of them more specifically, let’s briefly introduce them:

  1. Democratization of technology
  2. Convergence of the analogue and digital worlds
  3. Sustainability
  4. Personalization of experience
  5. Efficiency
  6. Event security

The studios were also introduced in the last part. What options does the client have during the event and which studios can he choose from? Which is the most suitable for a particular event? And what does the combination of virtual and real elements look like in an extended reality studio?

You will find out at the end of the output, which you can play HERE