It is not always possible to choose an ideal place at an exhibition or fair. How to turn a disadvantage into an advantage? We solved the same problem with expo stand provider – MIBA. We made up an elegant solution that we first tried in our warehouse. And the next time we were building it at the Stockholm Exhibition Center.

Sometimes it is necessary to choose between better placement with complications in the form of a column and a stand with a trouble-free place, but in the unattractive part. However, the correct positioning of the stand is crucial - close to the main entrances, catering, passages, toilets or big players on the market. Choosing a good location will attract the maximum number of visitors to your booth. Without the audience, all the effort and investment will come to nothing. It is therefore preferable to accept some ailments.


If this is the case, and you got a position with a column, there´s no need to worry. You don´t have to hide the column, but on the contrary - show it! Surround it with a cylinder-shaped LED wall that will cover the column. Then you can add some interesting content on the extra created space.


In cooperation with the company MIBA, which specializes in the realization of exhibition stands, we first tested this idea in the space of our warehouse in Prague's Harfa. As a result, we have verified that it is realistic to build a LED cylinder with a diameter of 2.5 m with a height of 5 m. We used our LED wall Gloshine LM39 for construction.



After a successful test it was verified in practice. We realized a stand at the Stockholm Exhibition Center again in cooperation with MIBA. In addition, the cylinder can be self-standing thanks to the four load-bearing trusses inside the structure.