The AV MEDIA company, a.s., the leader in the field of presentations, projections and audio-visual equipment in the Czech Republic, has agreed to cooperation with the leading supplier of technical equipment for concerts and festivals, RENTAL PRO s.r.o. Thanks to the joint cooperation between these two companies, a grouping has arisen in Central Europe with a turnover of 1 billion CZK that can offer its customers comprehensive services in the field of services and rentals of audio-visual equipment.

RENTAL PRO has long-standing experience in international touring, concerts and festivals. “Among our most well-known references belongs ensuring the complete speech by the American President, Barak Obama, during his first trip to Europe. We have also technically ensured concerts by world-leading opera stars such as Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Cura and Monserrat Caballe. We provided our services during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI., worked for Paramount Pictures Hollywood and really shone during concerts for stars such as Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, Bobby McFerrin, Nick Cave or on the European tour of Scooter – all of this illustrates our scope of experience.“ said Tomáš Ouředníček, Executive Director of RENTAL PRO, adding: “Cooperation with AV MEDIA means a mutual exchange of experience for us and a wide scope for sharing technology, with particular possibilities for further growth.

Both companies met in recent years while implementing successful projects such as at the Olympic Park in Sochi – Letná, which subsequently was awarded at the international competition InAVation Awards as the best project in the Live Event category and went on to second place in the prestigious European event competition EuBEA. This year the two companies have cooperated on several stages at the international music festival Colours of Ostrava.

RENTAL PRO is the leader in music and sport events, while AV MEDIA is particularly strong in providing technical services for conferences.“ stated Jan Kubinec, Director of the Rental division at AV MEDIA, who went on to add, “Therefore, cooperation in the common development of rental services is a logical outcome and a continuation of growth for the AV MEDIA group in the area of leasing.”

Thus, thanks to this new acquisition, the group of rental companies around AV MEDIA will grow and will be able to provide their clients a wide portfolio of the highest quality services.  “Uniting with RENTAL PRO is a very important step for us that will especially benefit our customers. Thanks to our common experience, we are able to arrange any kind of event and to fill the specific needs of our customers when organizing events. We are able to cover the whole Central European market from three warehouses – the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Hungary and Austria,” said David Lesch, General Director at AV MEDIA, a.s., when commenting on the growth of the group.

AV MEDIA, YVENTECH, BRILL AV Media and now RENTAL PRO as well are part of the friendly group of companies focused on leasing AV equipment on the Central European market.