Every several years, a new technology has been invented, and because of it, event´s industry has changed and rapidly increased existing vision of the modern event. Last innovation was the 4K Ultra HD resolution!


In the past 15 years a vision about video quality has rapidly changed – first step was a progress from the SD picture with 300 000 pixels resolution, to the picture in HD quality with more than 2 000 000 pixels. A video content created in higher resolution has brought higher pixel density and different aspect ratio. Todays, we can´t imagine a modern event and conferences without 16:9 display. Even though, the progress to the HD resolution was gradual (because of demanding content preparation), it became a new industry standard and brought new big step to quality of the picture.

A similar change is happening with the 4K resolution, except that the picture format is same size 16:9 but the resolution increases. While the 4K resolution is not surprising for home TV, in events industry it means big difference. The product manager Jan Kadlec says. “This is due to two aspects. The first one is the availability of devices, which are capable manage the high resolution. The second one is unavailability of long-range signal transmission technology and without that, the event will not work.”


A content created for 3840 x 2160 resolution, it´s is 8 million pixels, are extremely realistic and it has ability to draw viewers into action. The biggest difference is proven on a large screen projection. If we talk about analogy of LED display, where the pixel pitch in millimeters corresponds to the minimum viewing distance in meters (The wall with 4 millimeters dot spacing has ideal viewing distance 4 meters). Then the Full HD projector, which is projecting on a screen with a width of 10 m, comes to a pixel size of 5 mm. It means, that viewing distance is from 5 meters. Thanks to 4K resolution, this distance is reduced by half. The pixel size will be approximately 2,5 mm and viewing distance is reduced to 2,5 meters. Now, we are able to display even small details on a large screen, which is four times better than Full HD. “It is funny, if a movie and television makeup artists were worried because of details in high HD resolution, with the 4K resolution they will have even bigger problems.” mentioned Jan Kadlec.

Primarily, the 4K resolution focus on a large conferences and congresses. Another advantage of the 4K resolution is a possibility project background in the high resolution and insert an additional Full HD images into background. This is ideal for transmission of a speakers and projection of a pre-recorded videos. But it can also be used well in a social events and mapping.


AV MEDIA is the first one in The Czech Republic who launches a 4K projectors to rental and staging market. At this year´s Hilton Party, we introduced two new Panasonic PT-RQ32K projectors featuring 26 000 lumens and the 4K+ resolution. In this Autumn, we are going to introduce 4K displays Samsung with 98 inches diagonal, which are especially suited for a smaller conference´s halls, meeting rooms and exhibitions. These displays have a high contrast.

“The move to 4K in the event business, as the change from SD to HD quality, will be gradual for some time, even though we are already testing transmissions in 8K resolution” predicts Jan Kadlec. “But gradually, 4K becomes indispensable and event without 4K will not be modern enough.”