Just like every year, the festival season would be replaced by the club season for a few months. We would meet under the stage and instead of sunlight, we would be warmed by dance moves during concerts. Unfortunately, this year was not good for live concerts, but we still want to bring culture to people. We constantly strive to bring home experiences comparable to regular events. Today we introduce to you a unique technology that can create a perfect sound and visual experience just like from a concert hall! And all this right in your living room.

AV MEDIA EVENTS, as a partner in the development of this product, tested the delay in practice and indeed, the delay reaches a maximum of 1 millisecond. The transmission is two-way and runs over a standard internet connection, so it connects cities and countries around the world where high-speed internet is available. This equipment can boast of the European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award which it received this year, i.e. in 2020.

The delay between the end units is so small that it allows musicians on the other side of the world to simultaneously play classical music, which is most sensitive to the interplay of the performers. So we are not just talking about conventional streaming here, which is unsuitable for this application due to its image and sound delays. The MVTP technology provides a musical or other performance where the audience does not know that the performers are located in different locations. We will give one more example for a better idea: you are certainly familiar with the pauses of presenters during live news broadcasts. Thanks to our solution, these delays are a thing of the past. The equipment has been used for many live performances in practice and works reliably. We at AV MEDIA EVENTS see this technology as usable for our events and therefore also for your events; historically we used the equipment for transmission between Olympic houses in the Czech Republic and we see it as a potential solution for virtual and hybrid events, which today are the only way to communicate information to a larger number of viewers.

The equipment is really small, compact and basically plug&play, and it is also completely silent, so it can be used even in smaller spaces and does not disturb with any noise. The size of the equipment allows it to be sent to the other side of the world, either by parcel service or in hand luggage. Best of all, the equipment is available in FullHD or 4K (alternatively 4x FullHD) and the offer also includes an 8K version (i.e. 4x 4K or 16x fullHD). This flexibility greatly expands its possibilities and therefore its use for specific projects. Did you think of anything? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to develop your idea and bring it to a successful end!